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The 7 Stages



7 Stages for Healing & Opening the Heart

Online Program | $100

Your heart can be protected or forgotten. This powerful yet gentle part of our body is the energy source for limitless love and abundance. Your heart frequency influences relationships and self-worth and shapes your outer reality.

Join me as I guide you through the 7 Stages of opening your heart and aligning with your authentic, powerful self.

Each stage includes:

Introduction & instructional video

PDF workbook

Guided transformative meditation

"7 stages of Opening the heart, gave me back my identity and reminded me of who truel I'm, I radiate on LOVE and I am LOVE. Thank you Tara for your support, energy, and for this beautiful course. I was determined/committed for 7 days not for completing it, but owing myself that self-work, I am thankful and grateful for each stage and its own flavour that resulted in liberating myself and claiming myself and my Heart again."

- S.K.

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