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Join me for an intensive month-long private program and create a new and powerful reality.

Are you restricted by fear, feeling stuck, wanting to break repeating patterns, or explore the unseen shadow aspects within your unconscious?

Embark on a profoundly transformative journey with me through the personalized Alchemy Program. Specifically designed to unravel limiting patterns, uncertainties, and fears, this program delves deep into your energetic blueprint. By drawing from practices such as tarot, numerology, and profound exploration of deep shadow and unconscious beliefs, we decode hidden elements to facilitate your profound growth and self-discovery.


We meet twice a week and work with the rhythm of the lunar cycles for self-discovery and healing, delving into your subconscious and shadow self.


Through personalized guidance, we will work on:

  • Healing from the past

  • Creating awareness of the mind, heart, and body connection

  • Shining light on limiting unconscious beliefs and patterns

  • Releasing from attachments, beliefs, and stories of the past

  • Aligning with your authentic self

  • Setting benchmarks for manifestation


This unique experience will begin to reshape you into a confident, self-aware individual, tailored to fit your needs for transformation and self-manifestation.


The Alchemy Program is a path to deeper self-understanding and connection with your whole and authentic self by unlocking your full potential for a more fulfilling life.

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung



"Tara, you have seriously changed my life for the better. I can't express it enough. I feel like you've saved my life! I know it's not just me, those closest to me have noticed my transformation and I feel like your guidance and energy work have allowed me to change more than the work I have been doing most of my life."

- M.C.

"I've been a follower of Tara's podcast and YouTube channels long before I enrolled in her shadow work program. It has been a transformative experience working with her. In just one month, I've achieved more healing and breakthroughs than I have in years of traditional Western therapy. While it's a commitment, and at times, the release work can be quite vulnerable, Tara provides a safe and non-judgmental space. Tara takes a personalized approach. Each session was tailored to address my specific healing goals. She provided exercises and resources between sessions to keep me on track. Tara was also accessible if I ever needed to reach out between our meetings. She regularly checked in on my progress throughout the program. She is committed and genuinely cares about helping others on their healing journey. Tara has guided me in healing aspects of myself that I wasn't even aware needed attention. Thanks to Tara, I've gained clarity on how to identify areas in my life in need of healing and the actionable steps I can take to address emotional wounds moving forward. Her guidance has been invaluable, and I know I can now navigate my healing journey with confidence."


"Tara opened a doorway for me to heal traumas in my subconscious mind that I had worked on my entire life ( 63 years). Having worked with essentially every therapy available for trauma, EMDR, and hallucinogenic, and read every book, I found little relief. I could not break free of repeating patterns. Her work paired with that of Dr. Michael J. Lincoln is brilliant, profoundly different, and immediately impacted me. My subconscious mind that had sealed off the trauma shifted and the patterns that I had been stuck in my entire life began releasing. I committed to two months of work and will now keep it going as maintenance because I am truly unrecognizable in the internal feelings and feedback that I get from family and friends. It is very powerful and relatively effortless, even the shifting while painful at times, the readings and guidance created clarity as to what was coming to the surface and I was able to shift into something very beautiful within my heart and body."

- K.W.


The Alchemy Program is unlike any other

A fully-supported, private, and customized program to:

• Connect with your sense of self and purpose;

• Address patterns of self-sabotage or limiting behaviours;

• Address feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth;

• Cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships;

• Address and implement boundaries;

• Techniques for mastering the mind, struggle, and stress;

• Address chronic body issues or unhealthy go-to habits;

• Heal and open the heart with trust;

• Begin to return to a state of wholeness;

• Confidently begin the process of creating a new and powerful reality.

$888 USD

(or $777/mo. x 3mo.)

One month = 2 sessions/week

Shadow Workbook

Direct 24/7 availability and assistance

Your Greatest Investment

The life I desired hasn't come easy for me. Through a lifetime of darkness and struggle, I spent years trying to improve my life while using typical manifestation techniques to change my situation. Nothing seemed to work. I had to find myself, target my subconscious belief systems, change my mindset, heal traumas, and remain dedicated to wanting something better, meaningful, and limitless.

My self-discovery, shining light on my shadow, and working with the natural rhythm of the lunar cycles drastically changed my life. I was able to create an entirely new and aligned reality, based on aligning with who I am - my authentic self that had been buried deep within the unconscious. My perceptions, belief system, mental and emotional state, relationships, and the outer world have all changed, leading me toward a far more fulfilling outcome than I could ever have imagined.

Now it's my turn to share this secret with you.

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