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Shine a light on your shadow and overcome fears, limitations, patterns, and false beliefs.

Shine a light on your shadow and be all you can be!

The Shadow Project is a self-guided program to unveil unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, offering a distinctive format that facilitates alignment with the desired changes within yourself and your life.

In this self-paced program, you will uncover:

  • Micro-focused approaches for improvement

  • Alignment with your authentic self

  • Deep layers within layers of your unconscious self

  • Limiting beliefs, fears, or barriers to fulfillment

  • Your true power and potential

  • Inner peace, self-acceptance, and enlightenment


You will shift:

  • Your perception of limitations

  • Into new and greater levels of consciousness

  • Into an empowered, aligned, and whole being

  • Unresolved shadow aspects

  • Subconscious beliefs, habits, and patterns

  • Manifestation capabilities

  • and more!

What's included?

  • Intention Setting Module

  • Manifest Module

  • Overcoming Fear Module

  • Cultivating Trust Module

  • Breaking Through/Leveling-up Module

  • Align (Energetics) Module

  • Subconscious Reprogramming Module

  • Meditations, workbooks, and audio passages of Dr. Michael Lincoln

  • Monthly live Q&A Sessions

  • Community Chat

  • Full anonymity and self-paced

Coming Soon:

  • Transmuting Shame Module

  • Understanding Addictions Module

  • Wealth Mindset Module

  • The Body-Mind Connection

  • and more!

Getting Started

$44/month for 3 months

$40/month for 6 months

Access to The Shadow Project, monthly live guidance, and access to all modules.

A 3-month minimum is required to establish new pathways and integrate the exercises.

"I've drawn inspiration to create a format from the most effective methods and exercises that guided me through my toughest challenges."

- Tara Kabatoff

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Program Format

The Shadow Project program is self-guided at your pace, allowing for reflection, integration, and application. Each module comes with video or audio instructions, meditations, and passages from the work of Dr. Michael Lincoln.

Supportive Community

Gain access to a private group chat with like-minded individuals sharing a collective journey of change

and self-actualization and monthly live Q&A sessions for full support.

Module Workbooks

Work from customized workbooks for guidance to explore unconscious aspects with practical steps for constructive change.

Are you ready to explore your unconscious self and illuminate hidden aspects within the shadow?

Your unconscious mind is the custodian of many habits, fears, perceptions, beliefs, behaviours, and external patterns that limit your full potential, fragmenting who you truly are, and preventing a life of meaning and fulfillment. Although the shadow can be perceived as a negative factor, mastering your unconscious realms leads to enlightenment, empowerment, and wholeness.


Are you ready to create a radical shift in your life?

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