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Shine a light on your shadow of fears, ailments, limitations, patterns, and false beliefs.

"Your skill has endeared you into many hearts. In such a short time you have taught me how to be a more effective human being."
- A.G.

The Shadow Project


Overwhelmed and not sure where or how to start creating change in your life?

Feeling stuck, alone, or limited?

I've got you! We start with a micro-approach and go right to the root cause.

I was given an opportunity to create meaningful change.

Several years ago, the Universe sent me a clear message - I was on a path grossly out of alignment with my authenticity and operating solely out of unconscious patterns and false beliefs. The harder I tried, the more I failed. I continually found myself in desperate and compromising situations, suppressing my full potential and crippled by fear and deep psychological, emotional, and physical issues, until I was presented with a moment for a full stop - to search within and make radical life changes. What I discovered opened my eyes to a new reality and changed my life forever.

After years of diligence exploring the root cause for change, I am dedicated to sharing this with you.

- Tara Kabatoff

Tara Kabatoff
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Body Alchemy eBook

Discover a unique and comprehensive approach to self-healing and self-mastery with the Body Alchemy eBooklet. This 32-page PDF offers advanced techniques for healing through the subconscious, providing insightful information and guidance for your journey.

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