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"My session with Tara was so validating! Her insights and natural abilities to connect, utilize her intuition, and come from a place of Genuine caring and compassion are just some of her many talents for working with the cards, but more importantly, for providing her clients with practical and spiritual strategies for expansive living.


As an intuitive, transformational astrologer, who's been around the block for over 35 years, I know the real deal when I experience it.


If you're considering booking a session with Tara, jump in with arms, minds, and hearts wide open. It's what you've been looking for! 


(p.s. Loved my sesh so much that I bought one for our 23-year-old as a Christmas gift. More gratitude and love.) Thank you, Tara!


Elaine Marolakos Edelson


"I had my first reading while I was going through a tough emotional experience. Her insights calmed me within minutes as she gave meaning to what was happening in my life. I saw her amazing intuition at work and it is very clear that she is on her path as she shares her gifts in this work."

- C.W.

"I recently had the pleasure of having a tarot reading with Tara, and it completely shifted my outlook on life. Her reading was so in-tune with what was going on around me, and she was able to describe situations and bring clarity to things I hadn't even realized myself. Her guidance and continued support has been a blessing. So grateful for
her gift!"

- J.V.

"My reading was so on point for where I am right now and the big questions on my mind.


It gave me insights, confirmation, and encouragement. I feel confident and supported on my path."

- E.B.

"Tara is truly phenomenal at what she does. Her videos and readings always resonate with me and I couldn’t be more thankful for the content she puts out. I’ve been going through a lot of change lately and oftentimes her readings give me chills!! Thank you for being such a light and I can’t wait for the next reading (: "

- A.G.

Alchemy Program for Spiritual and Personal Transformation


"This program is Legendary! From day one I was able to see the benefits and start calling it in.

I have watched myself align with my purpose. I clearly see the vision of my readings. I am living my best life! I feel different driven, clear, confident, excited! Ready to leave my old life behind. This totally works! I have received three unexpected checks, my pay checks have grown, I am calling in abundance and it is showing up!

Tara taught me to release blockages and old energy I didn’t even know I was carrying. Once I let it go, I stopped holding back. I jumped into immediate success. I released a fear about being an expert and the next day I got an invitation to speak on a panel of experts!

This is powerful! I have learned how I respond to the different moon phases. I can see when I am productive, excited, tired, emotional and creative. Maximizing my life!

I love the readings they are like a map of my life! I am on the edge of my seat with excitement for what is to come.

Tara is phenomenal she truly cares for my well being. She is very encouraging, patient, and clear. By following her instructions, I am now putting my thoughts into practice. She has opened up my life to huge success. Love is on the way! I have zero doubts.

If you want to live life of your dreams, do this program! You will be as I am eternally grateful!

Thank you Tara for showing me the life I have always wanted and exactly how to get it. I am very happy to know you. I appreciate everything you have done for me! I will have you as my guide forever! Grateful for you."

❤ C.W.

"Through the program and Tara’s coaching, I was able to manifest everything I had intended and then some even before the program concluded! 


Tara showed me so much about the Moon cycles and energies around each cycle! It helped me interpret my energies, feelings, and experiences I’ve had in the past. I had no idea how powerful this plays out in our world/lives. 


I am very surprised that everything I had intended showed up and even better than I had expected.


Now I know how this works, I am excited to do it again, because the outcomes are endless and powerful!!"

- C.W.

"Tara’s new moon program was deeply transformative. My manifestations came to life, and it was so helpful to have her ongoing support and readings to check in and remind me of my vision. 


I was able to manifest and accomplish things that I have always struggled with, it is seriously powerful stuff!"

- E.B.

You’ll think it’s a miracle but actually - it’s simply manifestation and tuning in!!! 

Tara’s readings and workshops have greatly improved my life and ability to manifest. I started watching her videos and after several back to back accurate readings, I decided to take one of her workshops and start manifesting with the moon.


My desired outcome was to be a home owner, which seems like a crazy big request but if you’re going to pay for a course, go big or go home - in my case, do both! I had my doubts of course but I continued to stay open to possibility, visualizing my home and following the course.


And in an almost impossible market to get into for a first time home owner - we landed a home!!! No joke. It is a crazy story to tell - everything worked out seamlessly in our favour. But I will say I was willing to take the action and I push past my doubts. So if you are a believer in manifestation, I would highly recommend Tara at Golden Heart Rising."


"Your skill has endeared you into many hearts. I admire you for your humility, your diligence and your unwavering purpose. In such short period of time, you have shown me to be a more effective human being.

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, and guiding me on the right path.

I will always be thankful!🙏🏼💛"

- A.G.

"I have enjoyed the Moon manifestation guide so much. Not just enjoyed, I have progressed. Many people are skeptical if tarot reading works because they expect a magic pill to tell them their dreams will come true. It's not the case. Like anything in life, if you don't put in real, hard effort to change your future, it won't. A card won't change it. You will. 


Tara's readings helped to provide me with a strategic plan for moving forward, as well as checking in with myself. I had time to stop in my day and reflect on how I felt. She texted me with new readings and asked me how I felt, which really made me feel like she cared a lot about my progress, which in turn kept me accountable. The readings are a guide, a potential. And you are the hero who must fulfil the potential with actionable plans. Tara helped me to identify my fears, to dig deeper and to see what were truly my blockages. Once cleared, I had a lucid mind to plan and execute how I'd achieve what the cards promised. 


I have now set aside more time to fulfil my aspirations. I put myself first and have become more consistent in the steps I take to achieve what I dream. More than anything, I am in tune with myself and I am at peace. This is no easy journey, but Tara holds your hand along the way. A true Golden Heart Guide!!!"

- C.C.

"Tara's Moon Manifestation Program is literally transforming my life, and I couldn't be more grateful. This program is a gem and is one-of-a-kind: it uniquely blends astrology, tarot, and Tara's loving intuitive guidance as you create an intention for the month's moon cycle and take very specific actions (intention setting, reflection/journaling, meditation, inspired action, identifying and releasing blocks, etc) to manifest your vision.


All of this work is done in conjunction with the energy of the moon's cycles, which allows for potent transformation, growth, and learning. I have been working with Tara for the last 2 moon cycles (and plan to join in for future months), and I have never experienced so much shift while receiving so much support.


This program has been helping me shift a lot of difficult emotional energy that came with my business closing during the pandemic, and is helping me rediscover myself, my passion, and the gifts I have to share with the world. What I love most about the program is that you have to SHOW UP - this is a not a passive program where you absorb wisdom from a teacher, set an intention, and then hope for the best. Instead, Tara helps you align with the moon's energies with very specific meditation/journaling prompts to create and stay focused on your vision, take action, and release what isn't serving you.


Tara's accompanying Moon Cycle Tarot readings are SO spot on, and I'm always left feeling clear on the energy that's showing up and areas I need to focus on, and how I can best support myself and take action. Truly, there's no better feeling than taking conscious steps forward in your life while being fully supported by a lightworker with a HUGE heart - that's Tara!!


Join us in the Moon Manifestation Program - you will not regret it! You might just manifest your dreams instead :-)."

- S.W.

"I completed the Moon Guide with Tara with the goal of gaining more clarity and perspective about my direction in life. I was deeply disatisfied with my career and looked for a change. With Tara's help, and the Moon Guide, I became more empowered in discovering myself and the path/actions I needed to take.


The Moon Guide kept me accountable and Tara's gentle help and awesome readings every week kept me on track and accountable. I loved discussing my fears, blocks, hopes and desires with Tara before and after our readings and I felt as though her understanding and wisdom has helped me to re-align my life path according to my heart.


Tara also helped me dig deeper into aspects of myself that I've feared or were hurting. Gently, and with her help, I opened up my heart more and finally received clarity and clearer perspective about where I need to go.


For anyone who wants a quick fix, this is not for you. For anyone who wishes to spend time with themselves, to learn about themselves and to work hard on themselves with the guide of a professional, this is for you."

- C.C.

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