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Connect with your body on an advanced level by targeting subconscious limiting patterns and beliefs!


Since early life, various false beliefs have developed from challenging family or societal experiences and influences. False beliefs solidify from unresolved emotions or experiences which become implated within the unconscious, influencing thoughts, emotions and behaviours and can manifest within the body.


Your body is your final communication centre, sending signals to look within.

Healing your body through your unconscious and addressing the source of false beliefs that have been hardwired allows for release, healing, and alignment.


Enjoy a highly unique and in-depth approach to self-discovery and self-mastery with the Body Alchemy eBooklet - A PDF format with 33 pages of insightful information and guidance!


What's included:

• An introduction to the mind-body connection and the advanced work of Dr. Michael Lincoln.


• Exploration into what back, shoulder, hips, heart, throat, and joint issues are communicating and positive affirmations to integrate into your practice to counter the false beliefs causing pain and discomfort.


• Wellness and self-care tips.


• Exploring the relationships of the seven emotional challenges such as criticism, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and fear with positive affirmations to counter false beliefs.


• Guidance for connecting with your whole being, bringing balance to your mind, body, heart, and soul.


Body Alchemy Guidebook

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