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Dive into the depths of your shadow to uncover hidden aspects within for self-discovery and personal growth. The Shadow Journal offers 30 days of introspection and self-reflection based on featured shadow aspects and journal prompts. When hidden aspects from deep within become uncovered, you initiate the process of transformation and self-actualization.


Everyone has a shadow aspect of self. We may often deny, hide, or suppress the negative qualities we feel uncomfortable with or ashamed of.


The shadow holds feelings such as anger, resentment, grief, shame, guilt, criticism, and fear which influence behaviours such as; the choices we make, trigger responses, and how we unconsciously treat ourselves and others. The root cause comes from traumas and conditioning throughout early life experiences.


The unfortunate aspect when growing up is lacking guidance on understanding and integrating our shadow. Instead, we may have experienced criticism, shaming, or punishment for our actions and feelings.


By understanding your shadow and integrating the aspects that reside within, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, greater awareness, and the ability to heal and self-regulate. Without the shadow, there is no light, and vice-versa. Being conscious and aware of your shadow will provide great wisdom and understanding for your journey and greater humanity.

30-Day Shadow Journal

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