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Manifesting with the lunar cycle: the next best secret!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Many of us know The Secret, a manifestation movement that swept across the globe inspiring many of us (myself included) to practice visualization techniques for bringing dreams to life.

I spent years visualizing and using various manifestation tips that I found. No matter how hard I tried, my dreams seemed to evaporate into thin air.

There are many theories and practices for manifestation. The Secret focused primarily on one principle for manifesting; aligning your feelings with the visualization of your future self. By visually forming a picture of the life you wish to create and aligning with how it feels living within that reality, manifestations will begin to transmute into the physical form. These steps are crucial however, a few more factors are essential to make it complete.

But first, what exactly is manifestation?

Manifestation is the formation of an idea or feeling initiated by thought. The thought inspires action, then takes shape in physical form. For centuries scientists, philosophers, and spiritual practitioners emphasized the power of the mind and how thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts, therefore, initiate the creation of our manifestation.

One may wish, visualize, and feel their future reality thriving in grand accomplishments however, it takes hard effort, focus, and determination to build this reality into fruition. Sure, it would be great if ‘poof’ our dreams appear — if this was the process, we wouldn’t learn, grow, struggle, and experience true success based on effort.

Aligning with your intentions is also important; your purpose, beliefs, principles, and the ‘why’ behind what you truly desire. Your ‘why’ is crucial for creating a meaningful and sustained outcome. We can all dream about achieving a lavish lifestyle, however, if we aren’t approaching our dreams from the right place, from a place of intent and alignment, the manifestation may lack substance, sustained longevity, thus failing to provide true happiness.

One factor to keep in mind when manifesting; there may need to be a deconstruction within areas of your life to build anew. Looking back, I had a lot to deconstruct before I rebuilt my new life. I failed to make this discovery until only a couple of years ago, after 13 years of visualization work. It wasn’t until I worked with the steps that I’m about to share with you when everything started evolving at a more rapid pace.

By following these simple steps, you’ll increase your success rate with manifestation and increase self-awareness. The following steps are used in my moon manifestation program and align with each phase of the moon. Regardless, you’ll be able to work with these steps on your own to significantly boost your manifestation practice and overall results.

Step 1: Intentions Commitment: 1 day

First, set your intentions. By connecting with your higher self, your intuition, and understanding the ‘why’ behind what you wish to create, the connection with your future self will become clear and your intent behind your manifestation will be strongly connected with your authenticity. This will solidify what you feel most called to as it already exists in your future dimension.

Step 2: Align Commitment: 5 days

The second step is to commit to 10–15min daily meditation, aligning with your future self. This consists of a daily meditation and visualization practice, picturing the details of living within your manifestation. Optimal times for this exercise are before falling asleep and/or when you first wake up in the morning for subconscious programming.

Step 3: Actions Commitment: 1 day

Once you have cast your intention into the universe and aligned with your future self, it’s time to make a deal with the universe and commit to a co-creation effort. Manifestation is part energy alignment and part showing up to do the work. Write down a practical and logical action plan that you can commit to for bringing your manifestations to reality.

Step 4: Receive Commitment: 5 days

Daily meditation will then change from aligning to receiving. Switch your daily meditation practice from aligning to receiving all that you wish you create. Visualize yourself opening a door to abundance, love, all that you wish and desire. Feel all of those abundant manifestations flowing into your space with ease. If anything is holding you back from fully receiving, any weight, heaviness, fear, blockages, write them down to release into the ethers.

Step 5: Release Commitment: 1 week

Fears and blockages of various degrees limit us from fully receiving all that we truly desire. Stemming from childhood programming and life occurrences, fears reside at the root of limitations. Fear of being seen, fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of success even. In this step, go within and list all fears that are holding you back from fully allowing for the flow of abundant energy to reach you, and extend through you. Once you have listed the fears, you may burn the paper (within a safe environment) or tear it apart. You may also visualize the items you listed fading away from every part of your body when practicing meditation.

Remember that abundant energy comes from the source of love and this is transferable energy. The energy that you send out is what you’ll receive. If there is fear residing deep within, a massive wall will be in the way of fully being open to claiming your manifestation, additionally, sending abundant energy and intentions back out into the universe.

Step 6: Reverse Commitment: 1 day

When you reach this step, take note of any residual fears, negativity, doubts,, or stresses that may arise throughout your day. Continually check in with yourself to see if anything is weighing on your mind, write them down, cross them out, and reverse the saying into a positive. This is when you’ll reprogram your subconscious with a positive affirmation.


I am not being supported. (cross this out) (re-write) I am fully supported.

Keep doing this until you notice these thoughts disappear.

Step 7: Surrender Commitment: 5 days

Each step has its level of difficulty. Internal work is sometimes the most difficult. Although being the most rewarding, it often takes us into unknown and unfamiliar places within ourselves.

The final step, easier said than done, is to fully let go and allow for the universe to provide.

This means to let go of expectations, control, pressure, and stress. Continue to do the work but energetically trust and have faith that all will be well and unfold in perfect timing.

Enjoy the journey!

For further information about manifesting with the moon:

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