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Everything you need to know about November 2021

Into the depths we go with a Universal Month Number 7.

October was a month of mixed actions and reactions. The mind may have felt the pressure of Mercury retrograde and an intense full moon in Aries. Regardless, there was pleasant underlining energy of harmony, love, and balance that filled the gaps of the mind running astray.

In November, we will recede into the depths of our emotional and spiritual selves for transformation. November comes to us with another powerful pairing between numerology and astrology. Universal Month Number 7, the most spiritual number, holding a frequency of deep introspection and searching for answers paired with a depth of transformation with Scorpio, the month of November will support a new state of being for 2022.


November is month 11, a master number holding frequencies of intuition and connection with higher realms.

Into the depths we go. An expansion of the soul. How far can you go to transform and rise again?

For the majority of November, we will be in Scorpio season. A time to explore deeper connections with self, relationships, and the world around us. We must feel our way through situations based on intuition. Once we reach a deeper understanding, we will be able to let it go and evolve to a more expansive state of being.

November is a time to reflect upon:

- What can I let go of?

- How do I feel? How do they feel?

- How can I best embrace transformation?

- What is my soul desiring?

November 22nd marks the beginning of the Sagittarius season. Paired with Universal Month Number 7, there may be a need to fully understand, or question situations before embarking on a new adventure, opportunity, or cycle in life (leading up to 2022).


As November is a portal month 11 and a Universal Month Number 7, energy will support depths of spiritual exploration, transformation, and re-birth.

This cycle is the start of the ECLIPSE SEASON! We will have the power of the Full Moon in Taurus within this lunar cycle.

“How can you rise, if you have no been burned." - Hiba Fatima Ahmad

There are a few dates to be aware of as we move into November 2021:

November 1st New Personal Month Number - we all have unique experiences each month based on our Personal Month Number. To find yours, click here.

November 4th New moon in Scorpio. A new cycle for manifestation. Check out my Moon Readings for messages of how your zodiac sign may be affected by this moon. Join the Moon Manifestation Program and work with the energy of this lunar cycle within a structured format to supercharge the change you wish to create!

November 5th Venus in Capricorn - A more serious, committed energy with regards to love and money.

November 5th Mercury in Scorpio. Communication may be intense, deep, and intense. Relationships will not be superficial and there may be longing for analysis between interactions.

November 8th Pallas direct in Pisces - A renewed time for spirituality, creativity, and dream analysis.

November 11th Portal day 11/11 - Use the energy of this date to connect with the higher realms, your higher self, intentions, and desires for manifestation.

November 14th Juno in Capricorn - Commitment between relationships or contracts may become more solidified.

November 16th Vesta in Sagittarius - thirst for adventure and seeking the truth.

November 19th Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus. A time to release old energies and harvest your goals. Check out my Moon Readings for messages of how your zodiac sign may be affected by this moon. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and a time to be cautious, yet brave, of conflicts and competition. Join us for a full moon group ritual of learning, expansion, and transformation!

November 21st Sun in Sagittarius. A change in energy towards adventure and optimism.

November 24th Mercury in Sagittarius. Exchanges and conversations will be energized, enjoyable, and curious.

For questions, comments, or to say 'hello', email me at any time or find me daily on YouTube and Instagram.

Blessings, Tara

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