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Everything you need to know about May 2023

Updated: May 1

As we enter May, in the midst of the Eclipse Season and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, we have plenty to look forward to with the upcoming Universal Month Number 3 (2+0+2+3+5=1+2=3). Number 3 is a joyful, expressive, and creative energy archetype that loves to be social while sharing gifts and talents with the world. Combined with the gregarious, knowledgeable, and expressive Gemini zodiac (May 21 - June 21), we will end the month with energy that will lift our moods, cultivate creative ideas, and encourage us to spend time in social environments.

The remainder of the Eclipse Season and Mercury retrograde in Taurus will need extra attention to create impactful change. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th and Mercury retrograde until May 14th (with a post-retrograde hangover until May 30th) may activate shadow aspects of the Number 3 energy, bringing out moodiness and challenging our balance. But remember, these energetic shifts are opportunities for growth and development. View any discomforts as a friend to find the hidden lessons and use these moments as a practice to change your perception, reflect inward, integrate discoveries, and move forward.

As we enter May, consider what the Eclipse Season has revealed, as it will open a pathway toward your destiny. Have you had any realizations or shifts on a personal level? These may play a crucial role in your life for the next six months. Take note of the latter portion of the month when the energy naturally becomes lighter, more engaging, and whimsical.

“Moments of discomfort provide opportunities for change. Perception is in the mind. Grab hold of uncomfortable moments and make it your friend.” - Tara Kabatoff

Here are some prompts for May:

- What shifts or realizations have come to light (mind, body, emotions)?

- Where can I find comfort in uncertainty?

- What adjustments can be made to set me up for future success?

- What am I being inspired to do?


On May 5th, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will reach the depths of the psyche, helping to release unresolved wounds, attachments, fears, or negativity. It may even open a door to something completely new. Use this time to release fears or limitations, be open to the unexpected, and align yourself with the future of your calling. The number five in numerology signifies change and adaptability, so be prepared and open for what the Universe has in store for you!


On May 19th, the new moon in Taurus arrives, opening the door for manifestation practices with goal-setting and intentions for long-term success. From business to romance, plant your seeds and let them grow. 19 is a karmic debt number that may encourage you to open your heart to healthy relationships as 19 offers a lesson of learning to stand on your own and the proper use of power without cutting people out or subconsciously protecting your heart.


The sun shines on Gemini on May 21st as we transition from spring to summer in the northern hemisphere. Enjoy a time of uplifting energy in the air, a desire to socialize, and finding excitement in developing creative projects. Let the ideas flow, enjoy life, and be open to learning and adapting to new situations.

“My sun sets to rise again.” - Robert Browning

Dates to be aware of in May 2023:

May 1st New Personal Month Number - We all have unique experiences each month based on our Personal Month Number. To find yours, click here.

May 1st: Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius - Pluto goes retrograde until October 10th and offers a time to reflect and observe self-destructive tendencies as issues may be magnified.

May 4th: Shadow Project Start Date! A powerful day to initiate change, a day before the 5/5 lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Are you looking for guidance to heal, transform, and gain confidence toward your destiny? Join me for a month-long program to support your path forward to positive change.

May 5th: Full Moon in Scorpio - The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will not disappoint as it offers a potent time to release deep wounds, attachments, and fears, and come to terms with the past. Anything that initiates, changes, or comes to light will be highlighted for the next 6 months. Join me on Patreon (Inner Circle) for a full moon ritual of guidance and support.

May 7th: Venus in Cancer - Relationships will feel watery and emotional, maybe even a bit crabby. A time to nurture loved ones, family time, and abundance in all forms.

May 16th: Jupiter in Taurus - For a year, we will be invited to slow down and enjoy the pleasure in life and take in all the enjoyment of the present moment. Make sure to see where Jupiter will be highlighted in your personal chart.

May 19th: New Moon in Taurus - We are back with manifestation practices! Plant the seeds for growth in the practical realms of love, health, and monetary growth.

May 20th: Mars in Leo - Things are about to get heated as Mars transitions through the firey sign of Leo, giving a boost to our confidence and generosity. Be mindful of dramatic events.

May 21st: Sun in Gemini - The sun shines on the twins, inspiring conversation, and social activities, learn and adapt to changes, and share your creative gifts and knowledge with the world.


Join a supportive and thriving community for spiritual and transformational guidance.

Have a blessed month ahead!


For questions, comments, or to say 'hello', email me at any time or find me daily on YouTube and Instagram.

Blessings, Tara Kabatoff

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