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RISE with us!

Rise to your full potential by joining our weekly group sessions to enrich your spiritual and self-mastery journey.

FREE 7-day trial!


Ready to rise higher?


Join The Inner Circle, a supportive community for seekers navigating life's mysteries, searching for clarity, healing, and empowerment. With 16 years of exploration, I've discovered the missing piece that unlocks life's potential. Our journey of self-discovery may have obstacles, but understanding our depths creates profound change.

Through guidance and support, illuminate your inner self, amplify manifestations, and boost confidence for positive life changes. Experience this journey with our supportive community, filled with fun and laughter!

True transformation starts with curiosity and a willingness to explore. The Inner Circle offers self-mastery, manifestation techniques, and lunar ceremonies.

We meet weekly, adjusting for lunar phases. Can't make it? Replays available!

Authentically yours,

Tara Kabatoff

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We meet once a week with schedules created each month including:

New & Full Moon Ceremonies

Guidance for Healing, Manifestation, and Self-Mastery

Guided Meditations

Direct Messaging & Text Updates

Monthly PDF Report w/ Prompts

Access to ALL Resources!

$44 USD / Month

Enjoy a FREE 7-day Trial!

"Being a part of Tara's Inner Circle not only gives me access to personal content designed to further my inner growth and exploration, and heal myself and my shadow; it also connects me to a supportive community of like-minded caring souls all on the same journey. I have benefited so much from my membership and all the content Tara creates. I cannot thank her enough."
- A.N.

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